Welcome to AryaGranger.com! I’m Arya and this is the place where I share my passion for fitness, food, family, and fun for all of life’s adventures.

If you have found this blog you are looking to make your life a better experience over all, not just in one area. Just like you are most likely not a personal trainer, professional chef, perfect parent, or most fun person ever, neither am I . I workout and am learning new things about what my body can and can’t do everyday. I cook but there are many times when my hubby picks up the phone to order pizza or grab dinner on the way home from work. I will not even pretend to know everything about parenting. I like to have fun but I don’t always know how.

If you are looking for any of those amazing people this is not the place for you. If you are looking to learn alongside me and watch me make mistakes then you are most welcome here on my journey.

I will be real and I will be honest with you. I will show you my messy not perfect house sometimes (not all the time are you crazy?!) and let you into my little family. I will let you see that you are not the only one who slid to the floor crying, rocking your infant back and forth at your absolute wits end, but found the courage and strength to figure it out for the tiny perfect bundle of squirming flesh in your arms.

Grab a comfy spot and maybe something to drink and enjoy reading about my crazy but amazing life.

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