Have a Picnic Movie Night

As warmer weather approaches it has me thinking about summer nights. We have a large outdoor movie set up that we love to use during the summer to host movie nights for our family and friends. Unfortunately, it’s too cold to sit through a movie outside right now, even if we used our fire pit. I had to settle for a different type of movie night.

I decided I still wanted to do something fun with my sons without being cold. A movie night picnic was just the perfect thing. We ended up having our picnic not on the floor, but rather in our playroom one the guest Murphy bed. This put us right in front of the tv (without being too close), and made for more comfy seating for me and N since he still has a tendency to tip over if he gets excited.

I snagged a tray from a serving set in my cupboard. It allowed me to carry all the food into the bedroom, and it provided us with a stable surface to put our food on. Once I had all our goodies loaded up and the bed set up, it was time to dig in. I laid out an old sheet that I didn’t mind food getting spilled on just in case. Then set up the pillows so that me and C could lean back to watch the movie.

The hardest part was thinking of a movie to watch that C would be interested in, and that I didn’t mind watching either. I finally settled on Dinotrux because it’s his favorite show. I rarely ever sit and watch it with him so he loved having my full attention.

He enjoyed the chance to eat on the bed and it made for a rather relaxing evening for me. If he got up to play with his toys I wasn’t constantly telling him to stop doing something.

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