7 Reasons I Still Date My Husband

Being married is hard! It’s so cliche but you never really understand how hard until you say “I do.” While we were out on a date in January, I thought of reasons I still love to date my husband.

My husband and I have been married almost three years and known each other only 5 years. We are no longer newly weds, and the early days of dating are far behind us. Sometimes, he and I both need reminders of why we shouldn’t stop dating. So much has changed in those 5 years but we still love to date when we get the chance.

We consider the day we met the day we started dating because it really and truly was. Those early days were so full of promise and excitement. We were both on our best behavior wanting to impress the other. Our lives have drastically changed since those early days. We bought a house, got married, had two kids, started our careers, and the promise and excitement got a little lost in it all.

So if you are like us and need a little reminder of why it is so important to date your spouse here are some of the reasons I came up with while we were out.

7 Reasons I Date my Husband
  1. We are both on our best behavior again. When you live together day in and day out you tend to stop being as considerate towards the other person. The simple niceties of society go out the window when you live with two small children. Bathroom doors get left open so the toddler can’t push his little brother off the couch, bodily functions get hard to hide when the bathroom is only a few feet from the bedroom and there is no door at all, and communication can boil down to simple grunts and hand gestures when you both have been up with the baby all night. But when we go out, we get dressed up (well at least we get out of our gym clothes), we talk and converse about adult issues, we hold hands, and look at each other. It’s a great reminder that my husband is as human as I am and needs to feel appreciated too.
  2. We get away from the kids. I love my boys. There is nothing else in the world I would rather do than be their mom, but sometimes if I get poked, jumped on, puked on, drooled on, or leaned on one more time I am going to lose it! My husband gets away from them pretty much every day. Me, I am stuck with them 24/7 sometimes. Dating my husband gives me a chance to get away from them and for the two of us to remember that this family started with us. It has grown but the core and base of it is us.
  3. Laughing together strengthens our marriage. When it feels like there just isn’t enough time for just the two of us we have found laughing together makes those few moments we do have that much more precious. My husband has a great sense of humor and dating him allows me to see that side. It’s hard see his humor when I’m in sweats, covered in the bodily fluids of two boys, and he thinks it’s the appropriate time to crack a joke. Without the laughter the hard times are unbearable.
  4. I get to be a little reckless. When it comes to being a responsible adult a sometimes take the job a little too seriously. It’s very difficult for me to relax and enjoy myself when my kids are around. I never want to be the parent who is so caught up in doing something that my kids get completely ignore. I probably go a little overboard in the opposite direction though. When it’s just us, I can sit back and enjoy my glass of wine or beer and not worry one iota about who is caring for my kids.
  5. We get a chance to have fun together. Did I mention that marriage is hard work? Oh I did. Well I am saying it again. Sometimes just living and caring for other humans is exhausting. My husband is tired from going to work, and I am tired from chasing after two rambunctious boys all day. There isn’t a lot of energy left to give to each other. We end up turning on the tv most of the time and just cuddling up together. While this is good it is definitely not us having fun together. Dating my husband gives us the chance to do something fun that we cannot do with the kids under foot.
  6. I dress up. Some days, I love the idea of getting dressed into something other than gym clothes or jeans and a t-shirt. I dress up to work at my parent’s business. Getting dressed up to date my husband is totally different. I get to be a little sexy, show a little skin, and do my makeup a little more boldly. My parent’s own a funeral home and that kind of dressing up just doesn’t fly there.
  7. It keeps us from getting a divorce. I say this with all seriousness. Many of the people I know that are going through or have gone through divorces tell me they fell out of love with their spouse. I think a huge culprit of this “falling out of love” is the fact that so many people stop dating their spouses. They assume that because they live together and are married that dating is over. However, if you never build into, repair, and maintain the relationship it will fall apart. Dating keeps us together. Without it we are just two people sharing the same space.

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