Spring Routine – 5 Ideas for Mixing Up Your Workout Routine

If you have been working out for awhile the routine can get stale and boring at times. That might be ok for others, but you like a little variety and spice in your life. Even if you are new to working out these ideas for mixing up your workout routine can help keep you motivated on the days that are tough to get moving.

Idea 1 – Throw in a class or two

You might be a hard core weight trainer but that doesn’t mean you cannot try out the plyo class at your gym. Trust me, I have seen many a person think the class would be easy and then realize that it’s a completely different type of training. Not really into cardio. Try a bike class. It’s not only a mean leg workout but also pretty good cardio too. If you aren’t part of a gym check out your local YMCA or community center. They often offer low cost drop in classes. Groupon is another great way to get low cost classes. Many private studios offer great deals.

Idea 2 – Find a Partner

For me working out by myself is generally not that pleasurable. I would much prefer to workout with my husband or with someone else. I enjoy getting to talk with someone or just have someone there to encourage and challenge me. A solo workout is great when I need a break from being a mom 24/7 though. Having a partner is always a great idea. If you are just starting out, a partner gives you some accountability if that is something you are struggling with. It’s harder to skip a workout when someone is waiting for you.

Idea 3 – Rock Some Tunes

This seems like a no brainer since most people you see at the gym have their headphones permanently glued to their ears. However, if you are working out at home or not been joining the headphone gang maybe it’s time to check it out. If you are a long time music listener try changing up your play list or adding some motivational speeches. Personally, when I don’t feel like music I listen to books through Audible. It gets me thinking about something else entirely and I can breeze through my workout and feel productive in other ways at the same time.

Idea 4 – Try a New Routine or Method

Sometimes the simplest of switches is the most effective. Just change up your routine a little. Do your exercises in a different order or switch up the days. Change up the exercises or try a new method. Mostly a free weight kinda person, try the machines and vice versa. Mostly do cardio? Try some weight training. Never tried yoga? You would be surprised what it can do for sore muscles. This is especially helpful if you feel your muscle development has plateaued. Changing up your workout can shock your muscles and get them growing again. Try using exercise bands or interval training to get your muscle growth going again.

Idea 5 – Head Somewhere New

With the warmer weather approaching and the time change this is the perfect excuse to change up where you’re working out. If normally you are a gym rat, check out the local park. Many cities have parks with exercise equipment but any playgroup can be used to get a great workout in just use your creativity. This is also a great way to get your kids out and active as well. Take your run outdoors as well if you are generally tethered to a treadmill. The fresh air and sunshine combined with endorphins from the workout can turn any bad day into a sunny day.

Whether you are a workout novice or advanced athlete these ideas can help you mix up a stale workout routine or get you moving in the first place. Remember working out should be good for both your body and mind.

Share your ideas for mixing it up this spring in the comments.

Mixing up your workout routine

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