Simple Switches for a Healthier You

Most of us know that we could be making healthier choices. Especially as moms, we tend to grab what is quick, easy, and what we know. Sometimes it’s hard to just know where to start. These simple switches will get you started in the right direction.

7 Simple Switches
  1. Ground turkey or chicken for ground beef.
    • This is a very simple way to reduce your fat intake. Ground beef is full of fat. You can’t even drain it all off after it is cooked. Ground turkey is extremely lean with very little fat and it’s better for your heart. Switching out turkey for beef in recipes is easy, and very few people will be able to even tell the difference. Buying ground turkey at your local grocery can be expensive (it’s about $5.00/lb around here). However, check out your local club store. Mine has it for about half the price as the grocery store.
  2. Veggies for just about any snack.
    • When you need a snack head to the fridge for some veggies instead of the cupboard for chips. I keep baby carrots and broccoli on hand at all times to for when I need a quick snack. Bell peppers are another favorite around our house.
  3. Humus and crackers for chips and dips.
    • When veggies just won’t cut it, humus and crackers are a great choice if your craving has you reaching for the chips and dip. I suggest peta bread crackers. They pair amazingly with humus and are still healthier than many other choices. We find all kinds of tasty humus at our local health food store or you can have a go at making your own.
  4. Homemade lunch for going out.
    • This one takes some forethought and time but your budget and waistline will thank you. It is exponentially easier to control what and how much you are eating when you bring your lunch from home rather than going out to eat while your at work. We try to prep lunches for me and my husband a week at a time. It makes it super easy for me to just grab the pieces and toss them in my lunch box. This way you can also pack healthy snacks that you can eat throughout the day.
  5. Homemade sorbet for ice cream.
    • My husband and I love ice cream. We are both like giddy school children when we go to any “create your own ice cream” place. While we indulge ourselves often enough to keep the craving at bay, we like to substitute homemade sorbet for those nights when we just have a sweet tooth. No need for a fancy machine. We just keep frozen fruit in the freezer and through it in the blender. If you like yours a little more smooth add some juice. Thick extra thick smoothy. If we think about it, we take fresh fruit puree it and toss it in the freezer.
  6. “Healthy Choices” for a “diet”.
    • While this might seem a little silly simply changing up the wording you use can have a drastic impact on your perception of your food. Diets have a very restricting connotation. They “take foods away” rather than focus on replacing foods with healthier versions. The other problem with diets is that if you eat something that doesn’t fit in that diet you feel like a failure and have to start over. Saying you are making healthier choices gives you a chance to cheer yourself on for every little victory. It’s about what you can and did do rather than what you shouldn’t do.
  7. Breakfast for coffee.
    • If you are one of those people who are guilty of knowingly participating in one of the most cliche cliches then come sit by me because I am guilty too. I know breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Yet, there are still days that I choose to skip it. Breakfast kicks starts your metabolism, gives you energy for the rest of the day, and studies show you are less prone to snacking if you eat breakfast.

We have the chance to make healthy choices everyday. Don’t be discouraged because you made a choice that wasn’t the epitome of healthy. Instead, use the next chance to make a healthier choice. Don’t let one choice during the day dictate the rest of your choices. Remember indulging on occasion is actually a good idea. It keeps you from feeling deprived and helps you enjoy those moments even more.

What healthy switches are you making in your life?

7 Simple Switches for a Healthier You

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