5 Books for Toddler Boys That You Haven’t Heard Of

Boys! I have seen them described as noise with dirt on it. I never knew just how apt a description that was until I had boys of my own. It seems like C never stops moving! Unless he is a sleep. Even if he wants to watch TV he is wiggling around and playing more than watching. Some of my favorite times though are when he climbs into my lap with a book and snuggles in for just a few moments of mommy cuddles.

Sometimes, I struggle to find books that my little guy will be interested in. Animals, trucks, trains, and balls interest him. That’s about it.

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5 Books for Toddler Boys You Haven’t Heard Of
  1. Books for Toddler BoysDinotrux – This is also one of his favorite shows. He has watched all the episodes 100 times! Ok, maybe not that many but he does love it.  The original books by Chris Gall that the Netflix show is based on. The new books are based on the Netflix series. He loves to watch the road as we drive for any trucks he sees.
  2. Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site by Sherri Duskey Rinker illustrated by Tom Lichtenheld. C loves this book. It goes through all the major construction trucks and gives a cute description of what each one does. You just can’t go wrong with trucks and little boys.
  3. Steam Train, Dream Train also by Sherri Duskey Rinker illustrated by Tom Lichtenheld. This book combines two of C’s favorite things: animals and trains. Animals load up a train with all kinds of kids toys at the end of the day. C enjoys pointing out all the animals he knows throughout the book.
  4. The Sports Illustrated My First _____ Book.  We read pretty much all of C and N’s book about 30 times while they were sick for two weeks. Hubby decided after that it was time for new books. My husband actually found these ones. They have books for all the major sports. We have football, baseball, and hockey. The great thing about these books is that they can be adjusted for the attention span of younger children. C doesn’t yet sit through the entire book when we read all the information provided. However, their is one word or phrase that is significantly larger than any other text. We currently focus on those pieces as we read and when he gets older we can add more information.
  5. The Sports Illustrated Goodnight ______. Another Sports Illustrated series is the Goodnight sport series. These are a much closer to C’s attention span and level. They show a small child going to a sports game with their family and a general idea of what happens at each. Even N likes to read these books and will sit quietly with big brother while I read.

What are your favorite books for little boys? Let me know what your little one loves in the comments.

Toddler Boy Books

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