About Me

Hi, I am Arya. I am a mom of two active and energetic boys, C – 1.5 years old and N – 6 months old. I am your typical mom with a house to run, kids to chase, and work part time. When I started my adult life I didn’t really know how to be a fit person. Now, helping other moms, and myself, lead fit lives is my passion. Physical fitness is important to us. However, we need healthy marriages, relationships with our kids, our emotions, and mentality towards life.

With all the craziness that exists in the life of a mom finding a balance to it all is difficult. Often times as moms, we forget to care for ourselves. We put aside our own needs to take care of everything else. Fitness tends to take a back burner to all the other chaos that happens. We are the best versions of ourselves when we take time to be fit.

Our Story

When I met my husband in 2012, I struggled to figure out what it meant to live a fit life. I was not as physically active as I was in high school, college had consumed my entire mental focus, and now as an adult I was struggling to get it all back into proper balance. I fell in love with my husband because he helps me balance out all my priorities in life. He tells me that I did the same for him. We still guide each other in the right direction when life takes us too far off course.

His background in personal training and nutrition helped me to start making changes in my life and learning what made my body run like a well oiled machine. On the other side, my dedication to my family and him in our relationship helped him to connect with his own family and me on a deeper level.

With two boys now in the picture finding a healthy balance in life is not only harder than ever, but more important than ever. As moms we need to live lives that exemplify healthy physical, mental, and eating habits for our kids.

Enjoy browsing the site and finding your inspiration to live a fit life. From household systems that can save you time and headaches, to easy healthy meals to prepare for your family. There are plenty of ideas to help balance out family, fitness, food, and fun for all of life’s adventures.

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