4 Week Beginner Workout

4 Week Beginner Workout Plan: Getting Started With Your Workout Routine


This 4 week workout plan will get you motivated and moving towards a healthier you.

Product Description

This beginner workout plan is perfect for those just starting out, or who haven’t worked out in awhile. This plan also gives you daily exercises that rotate your muscle groups and allows for 2 rest days each week. Each workout is designed to be completed in as little as 15 min. There is little to no workout equipment needed.

Designed with busy moms in mind this workout gets your muscles pumping without wasting your precious time. As a result, this workout is fast simple and you can even use your kiddos as your weights if you want.

Don’t wait another minute. Get moving and working toward your healthier self in just 4 weeks.

Major Muscle Groups

Work your: legs, shoulders, back, arms, and chest.

Have 2 full rest days.

Start on any day of the week. Adjust the days to fit your routine.


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